D.C. area sees wide range in weather in a matter of days

The extreme fluctuation in weather is taking a toll on the region, inflicting pain, damage and now death.

In a matter of hours, temperatures have soared and slumped. Driving rain followed snow. Balmy weather was replaced with biting wind.

The roller coaster of wacky weather has a lot of people wondering what's up.

Christi Wieand of D.C. said, "It's windy, and it's cold...yesterday it was 70, and it's Jan."

"Everyone thinks it's bizarre," district resident Rachel Mizner added. "Everybody is sick; nobody knows what to wear to work. It is completely ridiculous."

Some people in the metro area stress strange weather is nothing new.

Audin Wright of D.C. said, "We have had a few winters in the past that were extreme as far as amounts of snow."

While the debate rages over global warming and climate change, some scientists say what's seen here and around the world is the effect of a warming planet.

Tourist Nick Galasso said, "I don't know if it's concerning, but it's been pretty crazy with Hurricane Sandy and all that, so it's been pretty extreme."