D.C. area prepares for more snow

ABC7 forecasters say there's a good chance of some snow Saturday. D.C. is planning to deploy 200 snow plows by 4 a.m. Saturday and will pre-treat bridges and other high-elevation spots to prevent ice.

Road are also being treated in Fairfax County.

Although it's not expected to be a huge storm, some residents are stocking up just in case, especially in areas that have already been hit twice this week.

Right now, forecasters aren’t predicting another Snowmageddon. However, those of us who live in the area have learned to hope for the best and to prepare for anything.

“We’re ready,” says Rishi Hingoraney. “We always like some snow in the winter time. I don’t know how bad it will be so I’ll get the snow ready and we’ll wait and see what happens.”

With snow expected for several hours Saturday, Tanisha Court is already lining up activities for her two young children.

“I’m not excited about the snow tomorrow either,” she says. “I don’t like the cold and am not looking forward to shoveling.”

“If it does I’ll be going outside probably, if it really does snow,” says Joey Wolf.

While much of the area saw mostly rain from storms on Monday and Wednesday, Frederick received mostly snow each time.

Thursday night there was still snow on the ground in the city, and some residents told ABC7 they are already prepared for whatever comes Saturday.

"We got plenty of stuff in the fridge, so we're good," said Frederick resident Elaine Zacheis.

A few snow showers will be possible on New Year’s Day with highs again around 40 degrees.

Frederick resident Marlin May and daughter Tracie walked around downtown Frederick Thursday night. Marlin says he's been buying food so he doesn't have to worry about leaving the house Saturday.

"My fiance doesn't like going out in the snow too much, so we're just basically stocking up on goods and stuff," he said.

Meanwhile Tracie says more snow sounds good to her.

"Hopefully I can go sledding somewhere," she said.

But Zacheis isn't so sure.

"It was great for Christmas," she said of the snow. "But getting around Frederick and getting to work, that has not been fun."

For now, crews in Maryland, Virginia and the District are gearing up, and like the rest of us, just waiting for the snow to fall.