D.C. heatwave July 2012

Monday{ }was hot, but{ }Tuesday is even hotter.

Temperatures topped 100° Tuesday but forecasters say{ }it will feel even worse outside. It was the 6th 100° day in the D.C. region.

To help residents keep cool, some cities are and opening more cooling centers in Prince George's County,{ }in addition to those already open in the District{ }and in other parts of Maryland.{ }

Metro trains were slowed down throughout the day, as engineers inspected rails for heat kinks, blamed for a Green Line derailment during the last heatwave in early July.

There were also increased inspections at Reagan National Airport to avoid planes from getting stuck, like a parked US Airways plane earlier this month.

Despite the heat, Jim Rohacik still works in his daily jog, but a little earlier than usual.

"You don't train to run, you train to run, so you gotta get in shape, yeah you're right you go out in this heat, it'll kill ya,” he said.

More than half the month has been 95 degrees or higher, threatening to be the hottest July on record.

Sue Schwartz, her son, daughter-in-law and their 3-month-old daughter have been live in their basement to stay cool since the air conditioner in their home went out two days ago.

“It's a throwback to the 50's and 60's and people didn't have air conditioning and we lived in this area,” she says. “It was hot so we stayed in the basement.”

Lots of people are having to live like in the old days as home units are buckling under this summer's punishing heat.

Howard Shapiro's house is fine. It’s his car that's a hot box. He hopped in this morning flipped on his air conditioner and hot air came out.

And mechanic shops like Takoma Auto Clinic have been swamped with cars with broken air conditioners.

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