D.C. area gas prices rising again

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For about three months, gas prices headed south. But it's all over.

In recent weeks they've been climbing back up fast in our area, especially in the District of Columbia.

On Sunday AAA reported the average price in the District as $3.73, up nearly a quarter from one month ago.

In the DC metro area as a whole, the average price is $3.51, which is up 17 cents from a month ago.

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Starting in April gas prices started falling at a decent clip, but this July the trend has reversed itself.

"It's a little disappointing," said Luther Cary of Woodbridge, Virginia, as he filled up in the District at a hefty $3.99 per gallon. " I thought we had settled this upward spiral, but apparently not."

There doesn't appear to be any one major reason for the sudden rise in gas prices. Experts point to turmoil in the Middle East and the economic troubles in Europe.

But they say the prices would likely be going up even faster were it not for weak demand for gas around the world.