D.C. area enjoys warm Monday before temps change drastically

(WJLA) - The sun shined while the thermometer climbed on Monday. There were even some people wearing shorts out and about today. Sidewalk cafes even got crowded, as many decided to get their fresh air fix since temperatures are soon about to change – drastically.

"I'm loving this today this is true winter weather for me," said District resident Bill Dilodovico.

"It's the second polar vortex, so I got to enjoy it while it lasts," added Kiran Sreenivas.

Hardware stores saw another run for cold weather supplies, while grocers managed shoppers stocking up before the bad weather arrives.

Some have trouble accepting that just days after the first Polar Vortex had us in the deep freeze, another icy grip is about to take hold of the region. There are also complaints of the area being either very warm or extremely cold, with no consistent in-between.

Later on Monday evening in Oakton, Virginia, as the planes went up and the sun went down at Gravelly Point, it was hard to believe that snow was in the forecast.

Many people were out – bird-watchers even came to try to catch a glimpse of a rare snowy owl. Meanwhile, others were working out in temperatures that neared 60, perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts.

"It is fantastic yet ironic at the same time," said runner Dan Tarvin about running in shorts with a second polar vortex coming in less than 24 hours. He'll be sticking with the treadmill on Tuesday.

The Stewart family of Waldorf also made good use of their Martin Luther King Day.

"We've been sightseeing learning about stuff at the monument," said Jeffrey Stewart, a student at North Point High School. He's hoping to stretch this into a four-day weekend.

Crews spent the day pretreating major roads in Maryland, D.C., and in Northern Virginia, including interstates like 66 and other so-called trouble spots like 123.{ }

Larry Luebbers of Oakton said he's not worried about driving however:

"I{ } picked up my snowblower, I got gas...four-wheel drive, so I'm ready to go."

Pam Rao and her son Josh of Vienna were rooting for another day off.

"It's a lot of fun, and you know, you only get it once a year or twice a year in this area, so, it's good," said Pam.

So far, this winter is taking heat for being one of the most painful in years. But then there are those who are actually looking forward to tomorrow’s snow and cold – namely, students who may have cancelled classes on Tuesday.