D.C. approves plans for luxury hotel in Adams Morgan

Plans to build a boutique-style, luxury hotel in Adams Morgan has led to a dispute between developers and residents. The plan was approved Monday night, but critics say the hotel could cause significant problems.

The historic church developers want to construct the hotel around is located in the heart of Adams Morgan and was abandoned by its congregation decades ago. The hotel will cover the vacant lot, and a nearby office building will be torn down.

Adams Morgan is a hot spot on weekend nights, but it isn't as busy other times of the week.

"I think it will be very good for business and the neighborhood," said Sefika Kurt, the owner of the Little Shop of Flowers.

At local shops, business owners like Kurt are looking forward to a steady flow of customers.

Kurt added, "I believe it will bring more people from outside, and at the same time, I believe they will be more...upscale people."

But not everyone thinks a hotel is such a great idea. Opponents say a hotel will mean more noise, congestion and drive property values up while forcing low-income residents out.

D.C. resident Werner Mueller said, "Hell no. I mean, this is a beautiful building. I think they should convert it to a theatre or something else but absolutely not a hotel."

But with the city's approval, those in favor of the new hotel appear to have won the decades old battle over what will happen to this church.