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      D.C.-area gas price tracker: Gas price maps, trends, history

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      Prices at the pump have been falling dramatically over the past several weeks, and ABC 7 wants to help you find the best gas prices in the area.

      Above all, conserve!Before looking at prices, here are 10 ways to increase that pivotal miles-per-gallon number.

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      Rising or falling?Are prices on the rise in D.C.? Are they falling? Or are they holding steady?

      Price Trends for the Washington DC Washington DC{}Gas Prices{}Provided by{}GasBuddy.com

      The 3-month trendHow has the price of a gallon performed over the past three months? Use the links at the top to pick a time span.

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      Gas Price Heat MapClick and drag the map to get a geographic idea of where gas is cheapest, including in your neighborhood.

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      Prices in your neighborhoodIs the cheapest gas in the area in your neighborhood? It could be.

      Lowest Gas Prices in{}the Washington DC Washington DC Gas Prices{}provided by GasBuddy.com Lowest Gas Prices in Northern Virginia Virginia Gas Prices{}provided by GasBuddy.com Lowest Gas Prices in{}Maryland Maryland Gas Prices{}provided by GasBuddy.com