Cynthia Proctor: Latisha Frazier murder suspect pleads guilty

The first of six suspects arrested in the murder of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier pleaded guilty Friday morning in D.C. Superior Court.

Cynthia Proctor, 19, cried repeating over and over again, "Yes, your honor" as Judge William Jackson queried her whether she was pleading guilty to multiple charges, including second degree murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

Frazier, mother of a three year old daughter, was lured to an apartment on Trenton Place SE, the prosecutor said, after another of the suspects, Johnnie Sweets, said he suspected Frazier of stealing $900 from him.

She was killed last summer.

Proctor admitted in court Friday that she was among three girls who, at Sweets' instigation, beat Frazier.

After one males in the apartment choked Frazier, Proctor admitted that she helped try to dismember the body before getting sick and having to go to the hospital from the experience.

Proctor was six months pregnant at the time.

Jackson accepted her guilty pleas. Proctor could{ } be sentenced to life in prison. She is due back in court November 4.

Barry Campbell, the victim's father, said he has glad that Proctor has accepted responsibility for her actions.

He said he is still upset that the court refuses to require the city to try to recover his daughter's remains, believed to be in a Richmond, Va landfill.

Campbell said family and friends are holding a 7 p.m. vigil on August 2 outside the Trenton Place apartment to mark the anniversary of Frazier's death.