Cyclists attacked by armed men on Custis Bike Trail in Arlington

Police are increasing patrols after two armed men attacked two cyclists minutes apart on the popular Custis Bike Trail in Arlington Tuesday night, sending one to the hospital.

One of the men attacked spoke exclusively with ABC7 Wednesday night, describing the scene when two armed men blocked his path.

"I didn't want to stop and god knows what they'd do," the man tells ABC7. "I figured if they were going to shoot me, I was just going to make it hard for them and go as fast as I could."

He pedaled straight through them, then peeled off into a nearby neighborhood and dialed 911.

"After I got home is when I think I really fell apart," says the man whose identity is not being revealed.

The two men who were attacked say that in both cases, two armed men blocked the trail, near Washington Boulevard.

Minutes later, out of nowhere, the other victim says, he felt a strong force and he was shoved to the ground.

"He was knocked into a pole then fell to the ground and was assaulted from there," says Dustin Sternbeck of the Arlington County Police.

The man sustained several non-life-threatening injuries.

The armed men took the second biker's cell phone. And they remain at large, police say.

In January, two people were attacked while walking on the same trail in the afternoon.

Police say three people were arrested in those incidents.