Cuccinelli says he's not worried about governor emezzlememnt case

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says he's not worried about how the case involving embezzlement charges against a former Virginia Executive Mansion chef will affect his gubernatorial campaign.

Todd Schneider faces charges for allegedly taking food from the mansion kitchen. Schneider claims Gov. Bob McDonnell required him to cater private events and take as payment the items he's accused of stealing.

The defense argues Cuccinelli should have bowed out of the case early last year when Schneider told authorities about alleged wrongdoing by McDonnell. Cuccinelli withdrew from the case after Schneider was indicted.

In Norfolk on Monday, Cuccinelli said the case doesn't involve him, so he's not concerned it could damage his campaign.

A judge was to decide Monday whether the case should be dismissed because of Cuccinelli's previous involvement.