Crofton triple stabbing leaves three with serious injuries

The stabbing occured on Forest Hill Road in Crofton. (Photo: Brad Bell/ABC7)

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Three women, were stabbed early Wednesday morning in Crofton in an apparent family incident in which a man attacked and stabbed his two children and their mother.

On Thursday, police arrested 49-year-old Julio Cesar Esquetini and charged him with attempted second-degree murder, first and second-degree assault and several other charges. He was released Friday.

The victims have been identified by neighbors, tax record, and sources as 49-year-old Ximena Esquetini, 20-year-old Paula Esquetini and 13-year-old Andrea Esquetini.

The stabbing occurred at a home in the 1600 block of Forest Hill Court just after 6:30 a.m. Police say a K9 unit found the suspect in a nearby wooded area and took him into custody.

"I never really thought anything woulda been going on with the family because they would always go on family walks and everything," said Jada Kagen, a friend of the victim. "It was kinda like a shock to us it was them."

All of the victims and the suspect were transported to a shock trauma center in Baltimore where they are in fair condition. The suspect remains in shock trauma as well, under police guard.

Neighbors all say the same thing: Nobody saw this coming.

"This is insane you don't expect this to happen in the neighborhood where you live," said Anna Taylor. "We don't ignore crime in our neighborhood and we make the police aware and we've never seen anything."

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