Crime Push app helps report crime

A new app on the market is aiming to help people fight crime.

On Wednesday, a District man launched software that sends information directly to police from a smartphone.

Called "Crime Push," the software works with iOS and Android and can send texts, photos, sound and video to authorities.

"I'm a big fan of its simplicity and definitely feel safer knowing that there's a faster way to get crime reported," said Mameeza Hossain.

The app allows users to report crimes in a more discreet manner without having to make a phone call.

"It not only strengthens me, but makes me feel a lot more secure," Hossain said.

Shy Pahlevani created the app after some thugs robbed him multiple times, once at gunpoint.

Thanks to media buzz it already had 10,000 downloads.

"9-1-1 is great but it's the 21st century," Pahlevani said. "One hundred million people have smart phones, so it just makes sense to have an application to capture things already built into an iPhone."

Pahlevani demonstrated how a student witnessing the vandalism of a school mascot might report the crime.

"Hit the vandalism button, type in a description and then just hit push to report," he said. "It's just your guardian when you're walking in a dark neighborhood."

Currently the app is not as fast as calling 911, but its developers say it will be soon. They are working on integrating it with local police departments.

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