Crews rescue 10-year-old girl from well in Anne Arundel County

(WJLA) - There was panic in Anne Arundel County below News Chopper 7 after a 10-year-old girl fell into freezing cold water at the base of a deep well. A frantic woman, the child’s babysitter, called 911.

The child was reportedly down 30 feet, as you can hear from the 911 call, and the little girl was conscious and she talked to her babysitter while waiting for rescue workers to arrive.

Shane Ferrar was in his yard when he suddenly heard screams:

"I just seen the girls run inside and they came back out and they were saying, 'She's in the hole! She fell in the hole!'"

Ferrar said three little girls had been playing in the yard, when they took tree branches away that had been surrounding the well.

When rescue workers finally arrived, one was lowered into the well and strapped a harness onto the child. It took about 20 personnel and 30 minutes to get her pulled to safety.

Today, a concrete lid sits on the gap, as some in this neighborhood say they didn’t even know the well was there.

There was three feet of water in the well, and the victim was conscious throughout the incident but reportedly developed a case of hypothermia..

She was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital

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