Credit union's ad draws petition drive for apology

A local credit union's advertising flier is causing a lot of controversy.

But it's not what it says that's the problem. It's what it shows.

It's a pop-up ad sent to the more than 30,000 members of the U.S. Senate's Federal Credit Union.

It was mailed just a few days ago, encouraging members to take out a loan.

Open up the flier, and next to a nearly headless torso showing the top of a woman's breasts, the caption reads, "Got big plans... let us worry about the money."

Amber Wobschall has been a member of the credit union for years and she couldn't believe her eyes when she received the mailing.

"What was upsetting for me was they were using women's bodies' breasts in particular to try to get people to make use of their services and offerings," Wobschall says. "Breasts have nothing to do with whether me and my family need a loan."

Wobschall was so upset by the ad, she's launched a petition drive asking for an apology from the credit union's president--who is female. So far, hundreds of signatures, but still no apology.

And the credit union has not responded to ABC7's request for a comment.

The credit union has three branches in our area, including one on Capitol Hill and one in Alexandria.