Craig Patterson sentenced to six years

(WJLA) - A former Arlington County Sheriff’s deputy will spend six years in jail after shooting and killing Julian Dawkins in Alexandria last year.

A judge sentenced Craig Patterson Thursday after Patterson himself spoke in court.

Gwen Pratt Miller, the mother of Dawkins, still thinks Patterson got off easy.

“I’m still outraged with the verdict,” she says. “I’m still outraged with the sentence.”

But she leaves court with some satisfaction now that the case is done.

“I’m just happy he was convicted of something and has to do some jail time because what he took from me can never be replaced.”

In December, a jury found Patterson, 45, guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of 22-year-old Dawkins following a dispute last May. The jury recommended a six-year prison sentence for Patterson, an off-duty Arlington County deputy at the time of the incident.

During Thursday’s hearing, Alexandria Commonwealth’s attorney Bryan Porter argued in support of the jury’s decision, saying Patterson must be held accountable for his violent, reckless and unnecessary acts.

Defense attorney Joe King, who says Patterson is in lock-up 22 hours a day and often receives threats from those who knew Dawkins, called the defendant a man of integrity, dependable, kind and sincere in his plea for a shorter sentence.

Patterson read a statement in court saying he is deeply sorry for the loss of Dawkins’ life and that he prays for the family.

“I still didn’t see any remorse as far as he was concerned,” says Miller.

Ultimately, the judge followed the jury’s recommendation, sentencing Dawkins to six years in prison.

“The trial, I hope, provided them with some solace, but it’s not going to satisfy them. They still have to deal with the loss of their loved one every single day,” says Porter.