Craig Patterson, Arlington Sheriff's deputy, denied bond

An Arlington Sheriff’s deputy faced a judge Tuesday, nearly a month after he was arrested in the shooting death of an Alexandria man. Police say Craig Patterson shot Julian Dawkins following a dispute in late May.

Patterson’s ex-wife testified about what a great husband and father Patterson is, but the judge still refused bond and ordered him to stay behind bars.

Patterson’s ex-wife said he collapsed in tears the morning after he shot and killed Dawkins. She described Patterson as a good man and wanted him released to live with her new husband and her.

“I don’t believe he should ever, ever, ever be free on the streets of Alexandria again,” says Shawn Sanders, a family friend.

While family and friends of the victim expressed relief Patterson will stay behind bars, his attorney's argued fervently for his release. They raised the possibility Patterson shot Dawkins in self-defense after an early morning argument in a residential neighborhood of Alexandria, citing a pocketknife found on Dawkins.

“He murdered my nephew so I don’t even know why he even has the right to ask to be released,” says Deneen Pratt.

But prosecutors maintained if Patterson was a responsible law enforcement officer he should have known better than to act the way he did. Dawkins’ family and friends echoed this after the hearing.

“As a police officer he knew better, he knew to call for back-up or call somebody,” says Diedre Powell.

Prosecutors argued after the initial altercation, Patterson walked a short distance home and returned with his sidearm. They said he would continue to pose a threat if released on bond.

“If you are a police officer and you leave and come back I am glad he didn’t get bond,” says Brianna Tenorio.

Patterson will be back in court on August 6.