FBI joins probe of Md. school aide who filmed kids having sex in school bathroom

Deonte Carraway. (Prince George's County Police)

Disturbing charging documents obtained by ABC7's Brad Bell Tuesday detail the horrifying charges against Deonte Carraway, the 22-year-old Md. elementary school employee charged with making child porn.

The documents chronicle a number of cases in which Carraway directed and filmed young children engaging in a variety of different sex acts. Prince George's County Police arrested and charged Carraway with multiple counts of making child pornography and child sex abuse. Investigators said they know of at least 10 victims, between the ages of nine and 13.

County School officials say that in 2014 Carraway worked briefly as a school secretary at Glenarden Woods Elementary and as an aide at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary.

Police say he was a volunteer at that same school this year and they believe a number of the 40 videos they recovered were made at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School.

Investigators say Carraway utilized the "Kik" app to communicate with his victims and that Carraway's voice can be heard in the background of some of the videos "directing" the children.

Family members of Carraway tell ABC7's Brad Bell they are "devastated."

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