Will the Emancipation Day Parade be called off this year?

(WJLA) - Could the Emancipation Day Parade be help up this year because nobody budgeted for the police and fire overtime?

The fact is, relatively few people attend the parade to mark blacks being free in D.C. – ever since Councilmember Vincent Orange revived it 14 years ago.

But now,{ }Orange says that after months of city meetings and more than $350,000 for a parade, workshops, and a concert plus fireworks, D.C. Mayor Gray’s people never mentioned $90,000 needed for police and fire overtime until last week.

"And to me, it's just an executive bombshell and it's an act of sabotage and we're dealing with this a day before Emancipation Day," said Orange.

However, the{ }Mayor’s spokesman Pedro Ribeiro insists that Orange was told early on, saying in a phone interview:

"For every dollar we have to use to provide fire and police overtime tomorrow is one dollar less we have this summer...we're not going to absorb these costs."

The Council Chairman agrees with Orange, but says he is still talking to the mayor’s reps:

"Trying to work it out...that's the best you're going to get out of me...I'm hopeful that there will be [a parade]," said{ }Phil Mendelson.