Costco wants gas station for Northeast location

A new Costco being constructed in Northeast D.C. is at the center of a heated debate.

Residents who welcomed the discount store initially are fighting it now. They are opposing Costco's plans to build a super gas station.

However, some believe a mega gas station is just what the District needs.

Costco has had its eye on the plot in the 2400 block of Market Street NE for close to a decade, but added the proposal for a gas station recently.

To construct the gas station, Costco needs special permission from the zoning board.

Tuesday, supporters and opponents mobilized to back their stance.

Opponents echo the sentiments of those who fought mega stations in Kensington, citing environmental issues among other concerns.

Gas stations already located in the area fear Costco will put them out of business.{ }

"We are asking them to do what they did in Arlington by just doing a grocery store and stop right there," explains Stephen Bota, a gas station employee.
{ }
But supporters of the mega gas station are quick to point out D.C.'s high gas prices and the near monopoly on gas stations. Joe Mamo owns the vast majority of gas stations in the District. Supporters say a mega gas station is just what consumers in D.C. need.

Bob King of D.C. adds, "Nothing else seams to bring their prices down...hopefully, the Costco station will help to bring the other stations prices down as well."