Corey Stoddard drove onto sidewalk to hit Kevin Crouch with tow truck, documents say

Corey Stoddard is charged with second degree murder. Photo: ABC7

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The Washington tow truck driver who's accused of hitting and killing a man who tried to rob him with his truck allegedly drove up onto a sidewalk in order to hit the man, documents say.

According to court documents obtained by ABC7, evidence from the scene of the Dec. 31 incident indicate that Corey Stoddard drove onto a sidewalk, hit Kevin Crouch with a tow truck and dragged him 100 feet to his subsequent death.

Stoddard has been charged with second degree murder in connection with Crouch's death.

The documents indicate that just before 1 p.m. Tuesday, Crouch approached Stoddard at the Collision Towing lot on Kenilworth Avenue Northeast and asked him if they had his car on the lot.

When Stoddard said he didn't, Crouch allegedly pulled out a what turned out to be a BB gun and threatened to rob him and another person. The documents say that Stoddard quickly ran away and tossed his wallet toward a nearby fence.

Stoddard then told police that he got into his tow truck, got in and drove over Crouch.