Corcoran program helps boost confidence for local youth through art

For 20 years now, young people in our area have learned to grow as people and artists, thanks to mentors from the Corcoran Gallery of Art in D.C. and Corcoran’s College of Art and Design.

The art-reach program is free, but the lessons in art and in life that these young people learn are priceless. As part of the program, middle and high school aged kids focus their energy on sketching, painting and costume-making.

"This program helps boost confidence in my art and boosting my confidence is something I think I really need because I always think very low of myself,” said student Courtney Davis.

Davis, who is a high school senior, was weary at first to show off his artwork, but then unveiled work he is proud of.

In the program, the more advanced students partner with college students from the Corcoran College of Art and Design.

The program allows students to have “a one-on-one session or collaboration with someone who has done more than you’ve done and more than you know in the art world,” said student Alex Marie Gore.

Gore, 14, has come so far, through the program—expressing herself like never before.

"Every weekend she's working on something new to present on Monday's and I just love to see the passion in her and to see the creativity come to life working on this program,” said Gore’s father, Roger Gore.

The students are really excited about their current project.

"They are creating wearable art pieces that the Washington Ballet will then wear in a performance here at the ARC on November 28,” said ArtReach Coordinator Tara Malik.

With the help of the Corcoran mentors, the young students are creating a very bright future for themselves.