Coolidge High School shooting: Mother of student shot speaking out

Police and security were everywhere Thursday afternoon when school let out at Coolidge High School in Northwest D.C., a day after a student was shot and wounded by another student on campus.

But across the city in Southeast, the mother of the special education student who was shot was angry.

"They didn't call me and let me know my son got shot,” says the woman, who did not want to be identified. “They didn't call me at all yesterday and I found out about my sister and neighbors come to my door and telling me."

The mother said her son was lucky; he was shot six times in the lower extremities in the incident, but was able to get out of the hospital Thursday. She said he's been complaining about the shooter to her for two weeks.

"He come home telling me the boy is harassing, the boy is a nuisance (and) he's a jerk...he interrupted class all the time,” she says.

She said security escorted the boy out of class Wednesday. He then left the building, came back at the end of school and shot her son after a brief argument as he was trying to board the school bus. She said security should have stepped in during the argument.

The alleged shooter was arraigned at D.C. Superior Court on Thursday afternoon.

The school system defended security, saying that when the shooting occurred, the school security staff contacted MPD immediately and acted swiftly and appropriately to lock down the building and ensure there were no additional injuries.