Coolidge High School principal accused of assaulting former staffer

Coolidge High School.

An arrest warrant is out for Thelma Jarrett, principal of Coolidge High School, who is accused of ordering and participating in an assault on a former staff member after the homecoming football game at Coolidge High School in Northwest D.C. on November 2.

Two staffers who are accused with her in the alleged assault have turned themselves in and are in custody, but Jarrett was still at large Wednesday night, police say.

The husband of the 37-year-old woman says that she is "scared for her life" after being assaulted after the game.

According to the police report after the Nov. 2 game, the victim, a former staff member at Coolidge, says she was attacked by three women in the school's back parking lot.

She says it was two staff members and principal Thelma Jarrett who assaulted her.

The woman says Jarrett ordered the assault. The police report says one suspect said "get her." The report then says the victim was punched in the face with a closed fist and kicked by three women after she fell to the ground.

The husband says their 11-year-old son witnessed it and called his father who had left to pick up the car.

"Dad, you need to come back because some lady just punched mom,” the father recounted his son saying.

However, Terry Goings, the school's parent-teacher coordinator, is crying foul.

“Mrs. Jarrett was trying to break up the confrontation,” he says.

Another staff member who declined to be identified refuted the claims against the principal.

"I never saw her kick or punch or any assault at all,” the staffer says.

Sources confirm that the principal and the two accused staff members have been placed on administrative leave.

D.C. Public Schools officials said that they are aware of the allegations and they’ve taken the appropriate action. Operations at the school have not been affected, sources say.