Chief Cathy Lanier, police union disagree over MPD's 'All Hands on Deck' program

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - Three weekend murders in the District over the weekend, are sparking new concerns over the D.C. police department's "All Hands on Deck" program.

The D.C. Police Union was not so pleased when a memo went out in May that explained how officers will be working five three-day weekends through November.

"You create this huge vacuum of staffing in the middle of the week in order to have this public relations stunt," says union chairman Delroy Burton.

The union argues that some neighborhoods have more crime calls during the week, but they also say officers work those weekends with leave restrictions and no overtime.

D.C. Police Chief Lanier has insisted that the program reduces crime, and earlier this week on NewsTalk on NewsChannel 8, she said that under a previous chief, similar programs were driven by overtime – ultimately costing the city $17 million.

"We've done it by pre-analyzing crime spikes and the changing schedules and deploying so there's no overtime -- everybody's still working a five-day work week," she says.

Police Union leaders say the “All Hands on Deck” (AHOD) program is in violation of D.C. law and their collective bargaining agreement. They call the plan “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.”

"She cannot demonstrate by crime statistics that in every district, a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday is the worst crime day," argues Delroy Burton.

Back on Howison Place, Shawn Banks hopes that AHOD will make a difference, but says crime in some neighborhoods is an everyday concern:

“Actually it's crime all week long and the weekends...Really no special time when there's going to be a crime around here."