Controversy grows over struck MPD officer's wait time for emergency service

Controversy is growing surrounding the D.C. police officer struck by a hit-and-run driver Tuesday night and then forced to wait for an extended period of time before getting emergency help.

It's the latest controversy surrounding the D.C. Fire Department.

The severely injured motorcycle officer lay in the street near 46th and A Streets SE after a call for an ambulance went out.

When the call was dispatched, D.C. said they had no available EMS units to send. An ambulance from Prince George's County arrived 18 minutes later. And nearly an hour passed between the time the officer was struck and his arrival time at a hospital.

The firefighter's union blames Chief Kenneth Ellerbe and his policies. They say the department is short of staff and equipment.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier says the situation concerns her and she has spoken with the fire chief about it.

"It's one of my guys, so yes, I'm very concerned," Lanier says. "I'm always concerned when one of my guys is injured."

Lanier says the injured officer is an eight-year veteran of the force and worked the motorcycle detail. She says she expects he will return eventually to the department.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the crash.

Kevin Burno, 24, faces a felony assault charge while Antonio Parks, 22, and Darrin Twisdale, 25, were both charged with obstruction of justice and possession of an open container of alcohol. All three men are from Southeast Washington.

The officer suffered multiple injuries and is currently in stable condition.