Construction makes parking in Bethesda worse than ever

A large amount of construction in Bethesda is causing parking problems.

And with some people choosing to bypass shopping and eating there, some business owners are worried about their future.

One business is down a 50 percent from just last week, when construction crews closed off the parking lot at the corner of Bethesda and Woodmont Avenues, making a parking problem that was already bad even worse.

The off-limit lots are due to the construction of a multi-use building that will house both retail space and 250 condos. There will also be an 1100-space public parking garage below.

But as parking will be virtually non existent for two and a half years, shoppers who rely on those spots are asking, where do they go now?

So, business owners are creating new ways to keep their clientele from dwindling, including in some cases, valet parking.

The construction will not impact the nearby Capital Crescent Trail, which is popular with runners and bikers.