Congressional County Club members vote on AT&T National

(WJLA) - Montgomery County might be in jeopardy of losing the Tiger Woods AT&T National Golf Tournament every summer. Members of the Congressional Country Club are currently voting on whether to keep the popular tournament. The decision could have a huge impact on area businesses.

Members have until the end of the month to cast their votes. Some club members say the tournament puts a multi-week divot in their summer golf games.{ }

“I think it’s a small price to pay for the members,” says restaurant owner Eddie Benaim.

Benaim says the tournament increases reservations at the restaurant by 25 percent.

“It just creates a whole entire atmosphere that is very positive,” he says.

In 2009, the tournament drew close to 200,000 visitors and created 250 jobs, pumping $29 million into the local economy.

Potomac BP owner Brian Hannam has reaped the benefits.

“We had traffic with sodas, candy, cigarettes, and chips. People would stock up with that stuff and take with them, and yeah, obviously gas,” he says.

Although the club’s general manager and president both refused to comment, in a statement, county leaders said “While the decision to host the AT&T Nation in future years is in the hands of Congressional Country Club members, Montgomery County hopes to continue to host good golf well into the future.”

Votes are due March 31. If{ }passed, the county hopes the PGA will select another local course to play host come 2015.