Colorado shooting survivor has local ties

(Courtesy Facebook)

Some of the 58 people injured in a movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, have been released from the hospital.

Tuesday morning, hospital officials say two survivors have been released and another is improving.

The university of Colorado Hospital and the Medical Center of Aurora discharged shooting survivors Monday, but 16 people remain hospitalized – seven in critical condition.

Children’s hospital upgraded one of their shooting victims from fair to good condition.

Meanwhile, ABC7 News has learned one of those survivors, Petra Anderson, had plans to attend the University of Maryland this fall.

Anderson enrolled to take classes in UMD’s music program, and has already listed Washington, D.C. as the place she lives on her Facebook page.

Anderson was in the movie theater in her hometown of Aurora, Colorado, early Friday morning when James Holmes allegedly shot to death 12 people and injured 58 more.

Anderson was shot four times, including in the nose, but has survived.

Anderson’s pastor wrote an article about her ordeal. He says a small birth defect in her brain that she never knew was there probably saved her life.

The pastor says doctors told him the bullet went into her skull right where the birth defect is, causing it to miss any vital areas of the brain.

Before deciding to come to the University of Maryland graduate school, Anderson graduated from a music program this past spring at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.

"The campus community knew her well,” said Maria Pallavicini, the provost at the school. “She was a scholarship recipient, and we're truly saddened by what has happened to her."

"She's a hard core composer, that's what she loves to do," said Brianne Nemiroff, who before transferring to Georgetown spent three years in the same music program as Anderson at the University of the Pacific. “I've been in shock for the past two days or so."

A website called is raising money both for Anderson and her mother, who has been battling cancer.

It’s unclear at this point if Anderson will still attend the University of Maryland in the fall.

(Photos of Petra Anderson courtesy Jacqueline Rocamora Photography)