Colmar Manor attack was brutal beyond belief, police say

Justin Charles Strong, 22, of Mt. Rainier, Md. Photo: Prince George's County Police

Prince George's County Police have arrested a suspect, Justin Charles Strong, 22, of Mt. Rainier, in the brutal baseball bat beating last weekend in the 3800 block of Bladensburg Road.

Even experienced cops say the beating inflicted on a 72-year-old man at a bus stop in Colmar Manor was brutal almost beyond belief.

"There's no excuse for this," said Lt. Brad Pyle. "There's no reason for this whatsoever. This is just simply cowardice. This is simply meanness, just cruelty at its utmost."

It happened last Saturday just before 6 a.m. The victim was waiting for a bus when a man walked up and demanded his wallet. When the 72-year-old refused, the man walked away and returned with an aluminum baseball bat and started swinging.

"All he was concerned about was hurting him," said Lt. Pyle. "That's all he wanted to do."

And he succeeded. When a good Samaritan finally chased the attacker away, the victim lay gravely wounded with a fractured skull and many broken bones.

The attacker is described as a Spanish-speaking African American with shoulder length hair parted in the middle. Police think he must live nearby since he came and went on foot. They want people who live{ }in the area{ }to be on the lookout.

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