College Park speed cameras under fire

(Photo: Suzanne Kennedy)

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AAA Mid-Atlantic is taking aim at five speed cameras in the city of College Park.
The motorist organization says the cameras are inaccurate and nothing but a money grab, while the city counters they have reduced speeding.

To date the city has issued 60,000 tickets generated by the cameras in question. Those tickets are $40 each.

Motorist Richard la Dieu has received several citations and says he didn't deserve them.

“The cameras are not working properly. I have no objections to the speed cameras per se, but we need better technology. This is old technology that is faulty,” he said.

The cameras have been in place in five College Park locations since last fall.

AAA says the worst is the camera located in the 3300 block of Metzerott Road, which is the most profitable in the jurisdiction. The camera violates state law because it is not within one half mile of the main campus of the University of Maryland, the motorist organization says.

“What we want are good, fair systems that focus on safety, not on money making and that adhere to the law and that offer fair and due process,” the organization’s Lon Anderson said.

The City of College Park responded that the Metzerott Road camera is legal and has cut speeding on that road by 83 percent. City Manager Joseph Nagro said the camera calibration is verified every day by a police officer.

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