In shootout with PG Police, suspect shot multiple times, tased, clubbed

Andre McKoy, 21, the suspect in the College Park shootout. (Photo: Prince George's County Police)

A 21-year-old man who was armed and presumably high on drugs was shot about a dozen times in College Park late Thursday night after a shootout with officers, county police say.

Prince George's County Police say that 21-year-old Andre McKoy may have been on PCP when he held his mother at gunpoint at her home, shot at police officers and eventually tried to flee in a squad car.

McKoy is charged with attempted second degree murder of a police officer, assault, firearm use, theft and destruction of property.

No officers were shot during the chain of events, but police say that McKoy, who is remarkably listed in good condition at an area hospital, was shot more than a dozen times, shocked with a Taser and clubbed with police batons while they tried to apprehend him.

The incident started at the College Park townhouse where McKoy's mother lives, authorities say, when his mother called 911 to report that he was acting erratically and was possibly high.

"I think he smoked some PCP and he swears somebody's after him," she told a 911 dispatcher. "He wants us to leave. He said, 'Empty the house.'"

Police say that McKoy then led his mother out of the house at gunpoint, where police were waiting. He was then shot. However, police say that McKoy was "unstoppable," even after being hit with gunfire. He was also shocked with a Taser several times.

"He was shooting at the cops," witness Unique Mitchell said. "The police didn't give him a chance...they just pulled out a gun and started shooting."

Police say the incident ended about two blocks away along Baltimore Avenue, after McKoy was able to commandeer a squad car and flee. He didn't get far, though; the car crashed into a low brick wall near the College Park McDonald's.

Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis credited McKoy's mother for preventing the situation from getting even more dangerous than it was.

"The mom acted very courageously by calling 911," Davis said. "She listened to our directions and the best thing she did was walk out of the house."