College Park city council gives itself 40 percent pay raise

The city council in College Park has voted to give itself a 40 percent pay raise starting Jan. 1, The Gazette reports, constituting its first salary increase since 2007.

The move increases the pay for city council members from $5,000 per year to $7,000; it also raises the mayor's annual pay to $10,500.

The Gazette reports that an outgoing city council member pitched the increase, which passed 5-2. Another motion that would have raised salaries of members by much less - 10 percent - was struck down by the same margin.

"I believe we need to do something to encourage more people to run, or if they're already in office, to stay in office," College Park city councilman Robert Catlin, the member who proposed the increase, said Tuesday.

One of the members who proposed the more meager increase, Fazlul Kabir, told The Gazette that the council shouldn't be raising their own salaries by that much in a year where taxes for residents also increased.

The mayor and city council in College Park, the home of the University of Maryland, goes up for election every two years.