Cold weather prompts pipe problems

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It’s a problem that a growing number of homeowners and plumbers are facing during this cold winter snap: the water gets cold, freezes up, then the valve splits.

It surprised homeowner Raymond Diggs Thursday afternoon when water suddenly started filling his home:

"When you put a main on the outside wall, you can expect problems and that's what I was doing when the pipe in the bathroom ruptured," he said.

Here’s what caused it: This frozen pipe valve.

Plumbers like Marvin Hopkins have been swamped with cases just like this since temperatures have dropped.

"Quite a bit. Too cold. We usually don't see temperatures like this..." he said.

Trying to survive these subfreezing temperatures isn’t just bad on pipes – it’s proving to be brutal on many of us just going through our daily routines like commuting to or from work.

And summer cant come fast enough for those at Montgomery Hills Car Wash, where an army of workers are bundled up like eskimos. An eight-hour shift in the cold working with water is just no fun.