Cold weather approaches, cherry blossoms pass peak

(WJLA) - Monday has been one gorgeous night on the Tidal Basin. D.C. resident Patrick Kidda and wife Starr Kidda{ }decided they had to come enjoy the cherry blossoms that are past peak but still very pretty.

"I think they're beautiful, I think it's a really visible sign that spring is finally here," said Starr.

But the spring weather we've been enjoying is about to take a turn for the worse. Hank MacDonald of Camp Springs is one of many who came for a visit after realizing that tonight is pretty much it for the blossoms.

"Definitely the last chance to come out and check them out," he said.

"We heard the weather forecast was going to be terrible the next couple of days, it was going to get really cold," added Starr.

Professional artist Maria Bablyak came down from Boston just to paint the cherry blossoms. She's been at it for days, and began painting last week when the blossoms were in full bloom. But she says that this painting tonight will have to be her last.

"It's almost overwhelming, the first day I came I couldn't even paint," she said.{ }

For one final night, everyone got to enjoy what draws all the locals and tourists down here every year.

"It's beautiful out here, the weather is great, the bugs aren't too bad right's good stuff," said Hank MacDonald.