Cold press juicing craze comes to D.C. area

(Photo courtesy Chellereaves via wikipedia)

Two pounds of organic produce in a little jar? Cold press juicing has come to Washington. It's popping up in grocery stores and coffee shops.

But what do they really do?

The press extracts more nutrients, vitamins, phyto nutrients out of the produce.

It’s a two-step process: There's grinding involved, similar to the way your teeth would grind down. And that pulp is pressed in a hydraulic press that applies two tons of pressure.

Business savvy entrepreneurs and companies are definitely taking advantage of this new fad.

It helps people who don't generally eat a lot of fruits and vegetables include them in their diet.

Ranging from $6 to $10, cold press juices may give some consumers sticker shock.

It's 100% organic, there's a lot of produce in each bottle, it's also bottled in glass.

It takes a lot of people to get that cooler filled with juice.

Most people don't complain about spending $10 on a martini, this is far better for you.

“I would love to do it every morning if i had the time,” says Kristy Clark. “I'll go to the store and I'll buy kale and spinach and beets - beets are expensive - and actually to make juice for me and my husband would about this.”