Cody V. Compton and Jonathon K. Clark indicted on explosives charges

Two Stafford County men have been indicted after a bomb was discovered at their Garrisonville house in late 2010.

The Stafford County Fire Marshal obtained indictments against Cody V. Compton, 20, and Jonathon K. Clark, 21, after an explosive device was found in the garage at 5 Cahterine Lane during the execution of a search warrant late last year.

"Unfortunately, our department is responding to a greater number of incidents involving homemade explosive devices,"{ }said Stafford County Fire Chief Ron Brown. "Oftentimes these devices are a result of curious experimentation which can result in deadly consequences."

Virginia State Police officers removed and disarmed the device, which the Fire Marshal says was intended to cause harm to people and not buildings.

Stafford County Fire and Rescue officials say that there is no evidence of what the two men intended to do with the device.