Coco, dog stabbed several times, recovering

Dianne Remsen was walking when she saw Coco, a two-year old Shih Tzu. The television cameras may have given it away.

“Is that Coco?” Remsen asked.

After weeks of recovery, Coco was prancing around, tilting her furry head left and right. Her back was shaven and several scars were obvious.

“It was predominantly here,” pointed Scott Giacoppo of the Washington Humane Society.

“You're doing so well," reassured Michael Triebwasser, an officer with the Society for two years, who is often out on the roads rescuing abused animals.

Just two weeks ago, he and others didn’t know if Coco would make it.
The small dog was stabbed seven times following a domestic dispute.
Coco’s owner allegedly used a four-inch knife to stab the dog.

"You can imagine on such a small dog we were all very concerned,” Triebwasser said, who added three of the wounds were severe.

"We all had our fingers crossed and rooting for her,” he added. "No matter how long I do this or anybody in the department, we're always surprised what happens and what we see."

Coco has since recovered. Her sutures were taken out Wednesday morning.

“She's doing well. Walking around, wanting to walk and play and do doggy things," says Triebwasser.

The Washington Humane Society is working with prosecutors, hoping they charge the suspect, who is thought to have mental problems.

"There are some very sick people in the world,” Remsen said.

The suspect has not been named.