Cocaine chocolate bars discovered at Dulles Airport

In total, officials discovered more than four pounds of cocaine during the bust. (Photo: CBP)

In the latest in a long string of drug smuggling busts at Washington Dulles International Airport, the one that occurred late last Sunday night may have been the sweetest.

Customs and Border Protection officials say they seized more than four pounds of cocaine that was stashed inside chocolate bars and drink boxes from a courier traveling to the Untied States from San Salvador, El Salvador.

After arriving at Dulles, CBP officials say her luggage was referred for a secondary inspection. During that check, inspectors discovered eight chocolate bars and six small drink boxes. Six of the candy bars had cocaine packed inside and the boxes were filled with cocaine-filled plastic bags.

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The Guatemalan woman was identified as a legitimate courier and not charged criminally. However, she was removed from the country and faces a five-year ban from returning to the United States.

In total, a little more than four pounds of cocaine was discovered, carrying a street value of about $130,000.