Elevated CO levels in Georgetown leads to evacuation

D.C. fire responded to high CO levels in Georgetown

The D.C. Fire Department on Friday morning said that two buildings have been evacuated due to a high level of carbon monoxide.

D.C. Fire Department responded to the incident after there were reported illnesses in the 33rd Street, NW building in the Georgetown neighborhood. Alarms had gone off indicating high levels of carbon monoxide. There were reports of neighbors feeling dizziness and other symptoms.

Two buildings were evacuated and one person was taken to the hospital. Seventeen others were treated at the scene.

Washington Gas is blaming the incident on a defective hot water in the building.

This is not new for this building: a similar incident happened at the same location on Tuesday. Following the first incident this week, authorities searched the building and found high levels of carbon monoxide in some units and irregularities in restaurants below them, but did not say what the source was.