Climate change report points blame at humans

PORT TOBACCO, Md. (WJLA) - The world is getting warmer and mankind is responsible, climate scientists claim.{ }A new report has some pretty dire predictions about the impact rising sea levels could have on the world, including our own coast.

Friday was a perfect fall day for a crab fest on the water in Port Tobacco, but a time may come when that very same Southern Maryland water fueled by climate change actually threatens the Port Tobacco Marina and Restaurant.

“You never think of that, but some surge tides tend to affect us and you kind of think about it,” says Michael.

A new report out Friday from a panel of the world’s leading climate scientists calls human activity the dominant cause of climate change and claims the oceans have taken the{ }biggest hit from the warming effects caused by greenhouse gases. As the oceans warm, the ice caps melt and the water levels rise.

“It should serve as yet another wakeup call that our activities have a profound impact on society not only for us but t for many generations to come,” Michael says.

Rising water levels are already impacting Miami Beach, Fla.

This summer NOAA created an interactive online map showing how increasing water levels would impact the United States. Add an almost unimaginable six feet and our region changes drastically.{ }

“We’re definitely going to keep our flood insurance up to date,” Michael says.

But not everyone buys the climate change argument. Those groups are questioning the science of the report and call it alarmist.