Cleveland Park Starbucks, first on the East Coast, is closing

A Sunday morning cup of coffee won't be the same in D.C.'s Cleveland Park neighborhood anymore.

The very first Starbucks to open on the East Coast experienced its final hours on Sunday, a rare closure for the nationwide coffee mega-chain.

This specific Starbucks opened in 1993, before the iconic coffee shop started popping up on corners, in malls and just about everywhere.

The regulars say there was something special about this setting, something which they doubt ever can be replicated. Its interior quickly became a popular place to get coffee; Its outdoor sidewalk cafe a gathering place.

But the owner of the shopping center decided to overhaul the complex, and several nearby businesses have closed. Starbucks says it plans to open a new store at the Cathedral Commons, which is still in development.

But even if Starbucks does open there, the locals say it just wont be the same.