Cleveland Park residents battle rash of doorstep package thefts

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The Grinch paid a trip to the doorstep of Ellyn Sudow's Cleveland Park home Friday night.

Just 12 days before Christmas, a thief stole two packages that had been sitting there for only 90 minutes, and the problem around this Northwest Washington neighborhood isn't limited to her porch.

"It's very easy to order from the Internet and have something delivered here, but I'm not sure I'll do it again," Sudow said.

Sudow's boxes were found about a half a block away, torn to pieces. About half of the merchandise inside was gone.

The crimes aren't limited to Washington; similar crimes are being reported throughout suburban Maryland as well. Surveillance video in one case caught a man helping himself to two deliveries from a doorstep in Hanover.

With this being the last full week before Christmas, delivery companies are already in the midst of an extremely busy time, and Cleveland Park residents have their own ideas as to why their neighborhood is being targeted.

"It's a fairly well-to-do area with access to major thoroughfares and major transportation," Cleveland Park resident Zack More theorized.