Cleveland Park flower thief sought

The flowers that bloom in spring make Cleveland Park one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Washington, but someone is stealing their beauty. Residents call him a flower thief, and he's back again.

Several have seen him sneaking around, clipping off and walking away with tulips and daffodils, but Bill Newlin fears for his precious lilacs.

“Those are my wife’s lilacs. I gave her those lilacs. If he were to take those I would have my feelings hurt,” he says.

The flower thief has struck the neighborhood for three years now. ABC7 first reported on him in 2011, but he’s elusive. He takes the flowers and has even been seen selling them at different markets around town.

No one knows who he is, but everyone wants him stopped.

“It seems like he is stealing peoples’ hard work, planting and watering, and he’s just breaking them off and taking them,” says Chris Childs.

Martha Barron has lilies and daisies coming up on her plot at the Newark Community Garden. The flower thief has struck there, too. Some of Barron’s friends and neighbors are his victims.

“If someone has to resort to stealing flowers I suppose I am sad, but I would be mad if they were mind,” Barron says.