Clermont Elementary School alert: Suspicious man spotted near campus

Police say the man has been spotted outside Clermont four times.

Parents and authorities are on edge in Fairfax County as police search for a man who has been trying to get the attention of students outside an Alexandria elementary school.

Police say that on five separate occasions, a man in a red pick-up truck has driven by Clermont Elementary School has been spotted starting, waving or calling out to students.

The latest incident happened Tuesday night at about 7:30 at the campus at 5720 Clermont Drive. Police say the man has been spotted wearing a white jacket and a Washington Nationals cap.

"What we need is good, solid information, tag numbers, descriptions and calls to police," Fairfax County Police Officer Eddy Azacarete said.

None of the incidents have taken place on school property.

County authorities will hold a community safety meeting on Thursday night in the school's cafeteria to give parents more information and hear their concerns.

Authorities say that no children have been touched or injured, but parents are understandably worried.

"It is a little unsettling," Clermont parent Jim Norvell says. "You want your kids to be safe and having an individual drive around and not knowing what his intentions are...I hope (he's) identified.

Police say that if you encounter the truck or the suspect, do not try to talk to him. Instead, attempt to get the license plate number and contact authorities.