Cleaning up storm damage

(Photo: WJLA)

Roads across the Washington region are littered with trees and debris following a powerful storm that swept through the area.

Crews are out in D.C., Maryland and Virginia helping residents clean up the storm damage. From now until Saturday, the Department of Public Works will remove and cut branches that are bundled from in front of residents’ homes.

D.C. residents can also bring debris bundles to the Fort Totten transfer station.

ABC7’s Jummy Olabanji got a look at the storm damage in Falls Church, where a 100-year-old Oak tree toppled onto Great Falls Road, blocking traffic and bringing down power lines. But despite the heavy damage, she reports that residents are trying to look at the brighter side of things.

“I wrote a sign on my truck that says “car for sale” now, and apparently its good timing,” said Peter Baroody. “You can also get all the firewood you want for free around here if you just cut it up yourself.”

Sometime Monday or later this week, officials say crews will begin cutting down trees in Falls Church. Once the debris is cleared from the roads, power crews can work on restoring power in the area.