Cleaning up after the storms

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The storms came fast and furious Sunday. The storms blew trees onto homes and roadways, meaning plenty of people had to spend their holiday figuring out not just what to clean up, but how.

The tree in Littleton MacDorman's front yard looks like it exploded. He and his wife were inside when it crashed into the dining room, living room, and covered the backyard.

At another house, 15 cookout guests had to race to a basement. The huge tree in the front yard sliced the Range Rover almost in half. It fell away from the house, but only by a few feet.

A car on E Street near Capitol Hill was crushed by a fallen tree limb. The Arlington area, too, was heavily damaged.

Where there aren't trees, there are downed power lines. Wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour blew tree limbs into power lines and cut off power to 16,000 Pepco customers.

More than 200 Pepco and support crews worked around the clock to restore power, the power company said. Around 4 p.m. on July 4, the last remaining customers affected by Sunday evening's storm were being restored.

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