Clay Wargo, 10, saves his classmate's life at Huntingtown Elementary

Clay Wargo, 10, saved his classmate from choking to death.

A 10-year old Calvert County boy who comes from a long line of Prince George's County firefighters is credited with saving a classmate from choking.

Clay Wargo says he was in the lunchroom of Huntingtown Elementary Thursday when he noticed his buddy was choking on a hot dog.

Clay tells ABC7 when his friend didn't respond to questions, he took action to try to get the piece of hot dog out of his throat.

"I just started punching him in the back and it came out," Clay said.

Clay's father, grandfather, great grandfather, two uncles, and six of his dad's cousins have all been firefighters in Prince George's County.

Still, Clay's father Corey wasn't sure his son had paid much attention to the family business of fighting fires and administering first aid until what happened Thursday.

"I'm speechless about what he was able to do under pressure," Corey said. "Especially being 10 years old."

Corey and Clay say the reason Clay knew what to do was an incident that happened this past summer when Clay almost choked on a piece of bacon.

"He actually asked me what would you have done if I was really choking, and then I just went through the steps," Corey said.

Corey said he told his son the first step was to punch someone in the back to try to get the food unstuck from their throat -- and that's exactly what Clay did.

Clay may seem like a good candidate to become a firefighter like so many others in his family, but when asked what he wants to be, he quickly replied, "a football player."

"But I could be a firefighter," he added. "I don't know."

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