City vehicles hog parking spots in SW neighborhood

A big parking problem has developed in a neighborhood in Southwest D.C. New government offices have led to less on-street parking because city vehicles are parking for free.

Jade Henderson complains her new neighborhood commercial strip doesn't have enough street parking. Its home for a new Safeway, but also two large buildings the D.C. government leases to house such agencies as fire prevention, tax and revenue, and DCRA.

They have fleets of vehicles that compete for parking and residents are crying foul.

ANC Commissioner Andy Litsky says the development came with the community's blessing, but developers promised adequate parking:

"We're thrilled that they're here, but we did that with the full understanding that government vehicles would be parking below," Litsky says.

There is parking space available, lots of it, but city agencies apparently don't want to pay for it, so their employees crowd the streets.

ABC's Sam Ford monitored the area for a few hours today. He noticed that one particular vehicle was there the entire time, even though there's a two-hour restriction.

When he called DPW to ask why Parking Enforcement hasn't given the vehicle a ticket, he was told that city vehicles can't be ticketed. That car could stay at the meter forever.

THE ANC Commissioner, noting how convenient Metro is, said street parking should be for people doing government and commercial business here, not serving as a parking lot for employees.