Cicadas to spare Fairfax County

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) - Fairfax County will be largely spared from this month's emergence of a brood of red-eyed, 17-year cicadas.

Joan Martinez Allen, a forester with the county's Department of Public Works, says Fairfax County sits on the border of Brood II, which is expected to emerge this month and inundate other parts of Virginia.

Maps of the brood show that parts of Virginia south of Fairfax and west of the I-95 corridor will see a greater infestation. Parts of southern Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut are also home to Brood II.

The D.C. region is most affected by Brood X, which emerged in 2004 and won't be back until 2017.

Allen will field questions about cicadas Thursday at 2 p.m. in an online chat on the county's website.