Cicadas start to appear in Washington region

Barbara Cosentino spotted this cicada in Ft. Belvoir, Va. Saturday. Photo: Barbara Cosentino

The cicadas are here, but they’re not everywhere just yet.

The bothersome bugs are starting to emerge in the Washington area. With their beady red eyes, they are coming out of the ground and losing their shells, making themselves right at home.

“Once they harden they’ll be making their noise,” says Michael White, who started seeing the cicadas last week at his Fredericksburg home.

The cicadas aren’t making much noise now because they are small, but within the next two weeks they will be making a lot of racket.

Cicada sightings have taken place in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. Experts say cooler weather has staved off the invasion.

The adult cicadas will be around for about six weeks and will emerge over a period of time.

They haven't been seen in the Washington area since 1996.

"I love cicadas," says{ }Katie Skelton. "I remember being a little girl. I lived in Falls Church and we had just hundreds of them on the ground. It was fun then. I don't know how it's going to be as an adult."

According to one Smithsonian entomologist, the District and Maryland may not see the large number of cicadas that they will in Northern Virginia. Warner temperatures in the coming weeks will lead to a clearer picture of the invasion.